Day 102 – Eva’s Day


I am awake, I am alive, and I am smiling and not because today is a workday (because it isn’t). I am smiling because on this day, FIVE years ago … a little whirlwind joined our family and we haven’t been the same since!

Eva is a mermaid, a princess, and a dinosaur. She LOVES a new bathing suit or a new necklace (or she will just borrow one of mine) and she just loves talking her older brother into trying something new. “Come on Gavie!” rings through the neighborhood often, just as “my Gramma” resonates deep in my heart.

Eva is a hug queen. She loves when people visit and hates when they leave. In a matter of 5 minutes, she has the ability to remind me of me, her Mom, and her unique and beautiful self and I wouldn’t change a thing about this beautiful little force of nature.

Today is her birthday and today is all about her as our family prepares for the squeals that will no doubt accompany every gift she opens.

Thank you Creator for this beautiful little tornado and thank you to all who stayed home, alllowing my social circle to expand to 10, one of them being this amazing litte queen.

Happy birthday Eva! Have no fear, Gramma will be there to HUG THE STUFFIN outta you, just as I always do.

Cherish someone today my friend, love every ounce of their being, not because they do things perfectly but because they are perfect in their own amazing unique way.

I cherish … you.