Day 101 – Old Carpeting & Forks


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am smiling as I enjoy the teachings that dance around me just as Mom promised they always would …

The dream as fictitious as it was needed in the real world. A professional move to a new office space, the new office being two former offices now joined together, located on a floor of an old office building. A glass wall separated the two offices, highlighting that one was older (with dark wood everywhere) and the other more modern, brighter with windows.

As the dream unfolded, I was checking out the place with the intention of choosing my office. My 2nd in command was with me. He would choose as soon as I made my selection.

As we entered from the side of the older office, I could see that each side had a “boss’s office” in the corner, making it easy to see the choice came down to style – modern or traditional?

I stepped into the Executive Director’s office with its dark wood and built in shelves and instantly felt the warmth of the years of service conducted in that room. I liked it but there was another to consider.

My colleague was busy checking out the main area so I took the back way to the other side, to the modern office of windows and light. It was bright, VERY bright, making it easy for me to see the very unusual carpeting (imagine every really gaudy old style carpeting you have ever seen, the kind with patterns and swirls of different colours, each cut into different shapes, all sown together to make one loud, clashing carpet).

My senses felt assaulted, helping me to quickly decide I was going with traditional and warm over modern, bright, and irritating!

And then I woke.

I smile now, thinking today I will make my decisions but I will be ever vigilant for things that irritate the senses, avoiding them as I would that ugly carpet! But while avoiding that carpet, I will make sure to appreciate every fork that comes my way!

Confused? Don’t be. Silverware is the subject of this week’s Tuesday Teaching and oh, do they have a lot to teach.

Enjoy my friend.



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