Appreciating the Diamonds in the Rough

I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am smiling at how my journey is picking up speed …

No, I am not lamenting the aging process. Rather I am celebrating my business process, how in the beginning it took serious effort to turn 10 followers into 20, to grow an email list from 20 to 100, to get anyone to read a post or gawd forbid buy one of my books! But no more …

Because success breeds success it seems. Now I get random emails from social media platforms offering me this boost and that tip. Now I get free offers and partnership opportunities all of which are amazing but they would have been freakin amazing back in the day!

So today, a reminder – let’s not judge the wobbling first block of the toddler, riding without training wheels for the first time. That entrepreneur in their very first year may have valuable information to share, even if it isn’t presented in the most professional or attention-getting packaging. Maybe the website isn’t the most appealing, the posting inconsistant, but the words …

For the sake of us all, let us not judge books by covers, people by their clothing, or the value of words by sentence structure. After all, I have found many a profound teaching presented using the wrong “there”.

Let’s curb the egos today, my friends. Let’s find the diamonds in the rough instead. Let’s boost a beginner. Let’s open a door.

You with me?

I love you!

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