Today is the Day to Honour Our Day

I am awake, I am alive and today is our day … National Indigenous Day, a day celebrated long before Canada was born, a day I intend on honouring.

But for the last decade or so, that honouring came in the form of work – speeches given, workshops given, questions answered – but not this year because this year I realize just how absolutely WRONG that was.

Do Canadians educate others on their country on their Canada Day?
Then why is our day of celebration geared to educating others?
Why is it not simply what it used to be – a day of celebrating that we are still here?

In my world, this year it will be simply a day to BE, in spite of those who still wish us gone in subtle and not so subtle ways, those thinking budgets are still more important than our families having clean drinking water, those who still think it acceptable that our 13-year-olds must live in boarding homes just to get a high school education. Yes, those people. We see you.

So today there will be no emails. There will be no calls taken. Today is my day and my cousin’s day and my Mother’s day and the day of so many and today I will take the time to think about each of them. It is not national “educate Canadians day” after all. This is not their day and I am taking it back!

But there won’t be dancing either which sadly, seems fitting as well. After all, in our teachings you do not dance when you are grieving.

I will return tomorrow. Tomorrow I will continue to guide and educate. I will continue to create safe spaces but not today, because today is our day and it is time for Canada to support that, not with questions, but with space, space for us to do this day as we see fit.

The journey continues … tomorrow.

Happy National Indigenous Peoples Day.

I love you!