To the Fathers We Love and the Ones We Couldn’t

I am awake, I am alive, and this is Father’s Day …

Not many days bring out as many emotions as this one. After all, many among us have pain, longing, and questions concerning our fathers but like every year before this one, I will not use this day to judge or condemn. Instead, I will simply take a moment to thank the men who took an active role in creating us, even if that would be the last thing they did.

So, here’s to the men who are half our DNA. Thank you for life. Thank you for the chance to BE. Thank you.

And here’s to the men who tried to stay but couldn’t, to the men lost to demons, to the men who had no idea how to parent so they left, to the men denied the right to parent. You couldn’t stay but your children still exist despite that, so thank you.

And here’s to the men who chose someone else over their child, who chose to be elsewhere, loving and laughing with others when your child is the one who needed you. It’s okay, your child went on without you. Perhaps in Creator’s infinite wisdom, you were not the example that child needed.

And finally, here’s to the champions of today – those toiling to bring home a paycheque that rarely seems big enough compared to how much love he has for his offspring, to the men who had no idea how to parent but vowed to figure it out, the men who put together trikes and swing sets, the men who have been known to wear makeup and nail polish because a little princess wanted them to, the men at t-ball games and wearing catcher’s mitts, the men cooking and cleaning, bathing and comforting, the men who have been right there whenever they could be, which is often, because their world exists in the eyes of a little human or humans they created.

Some of those dads will enjoy hugs and phone calls today. Some are in heaven, still watching over and loving those that miss them terribly. Some are old now, after providing a litany of memories for us to enjoy. Some remain remarkedly young, despite the lines on their face. Some are trying dang hard not to think about their actions and sadly, some don’t think about it at all.

Happy Father’s Day to you all.

Thank you for whatever you could do but most of all, thank you for creating some of the best people I know.

I love you!