Day Ninety-Eight – My Three Sisters Story


 I am awake, I am alive, but so many of my thoughts are still on last night and my visitors …

Messages were coming in as per norm. Texts and posts that would normally get my attention but not last night, for last night I had things to ponder.

Life has been so confusing of late, near and far, so there was only one thing to do. The music went on, turned loud to drown out any interference, as the walking began. Around and around the condo I went, in unison with thoughts swirling between yesterday, today, and tomorrow. But alas, my confusion and my related frustration only grew until I thought of them – the three sisters.

For many, a traditional gardening technique just came to mind but not for me, for I have my own three sisters story, three siblings in angel form who have guided me through absolutely everything even if we have never sat in a room together.

The eldest two, the twins, were born long before I was even imagined. They were not destined to stay but they were destined to be loved forever by the woman who bore them, the woman who never stopped grieving them.

And then, the third – my roomie, my closest sister, identical to me in every way except for our destinies. I smiled as I came to realize she was the first who tried to stand in my way. It wasn’t intentional (as it often isn’t) just sadly factual. She was already gone, you see. Never meant to draw even a single breath, unable to fight her way out into the world so I had no choice. I had to push.

But fighting and pushing and pushing and fighting is exhausting. She arrived and I … took a nap, totally unaware that my parents were unaware of me (again, like so many, completely oblivious to me until I arrive).

An hour later, rested and impatient, I made my entrance. Grief mixed with pure joy at the surprise that was me, as I began solo the song that originally started as a duet.

But they were there, always there. When a young girl wished for a best friend, my twin popped into my imagination. When I needed comforting or encouragement, the eldest sisters showed to calm my fears. And with each passing year, their voices grow clearer, their messages stronger and easier to understand.

Some have ancestors – aunties and grammas that guide them from spirit world and I too am blessed to have such guides. But I also have three sisters who hold my hand, laugh at my jokes, and steal my covers, just as any good sister should.

With morning light, I am still so happy they came to visit me last night, happy that they chose to do laps with me. As always, exercise is easier with company, kinda like life is.

Food for thought.

Be well my friend and today if you can, if you were so blessed to have one, send some love to your sister. Here or gone, I know she would love to hear from you.