Day Ninety-Seven – Time for Covid Choices


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am smiling as an empowering moment in time repeats itself and it is good, real good.

You see, many years ago, after the demise of my last marriage and an adequately long healing process, I realized (for the first time) that I was in charge of who I wanted to be and how I wanted to live my life. With no partner to unconsciously (or consciously) put in that role, I was free to choose what from my past I wanted to keep, discarding all that was done simply because another “thought I should”. Beadwork stayed as did pow wow. Cooking didn’t. Long nails returned as did high heels and on and on.

Now I see that amazing process happening again as the world begins to awaken after lockdown. Slowly we are able to pick and choose what we want to bring forward from the past and what we want to discard. And it is good and empowering and so individual.

I type this post this morning at a happy albiet slower pace as I again grow accustomed to my long beautiful acrylic nails. I enjoy the working from home. I enjoy the freedom that online offerings afford me but the nails, they had to come back and I am thrilled to see them again.

You must do same my friend. It matters not what your friend or neighbor are comfy with. Ask yourself what you want in your world? Answer not out of fear but from your place of power. Not comfy doing that yet? Awesome. Then don’t. Want to again get your hair done, with safety measures in place? Awesome, do that.

Our individual world is once again ours to design – our worlds, the place we retreat to when “the world” is just a little too nutso. Make it good my friend, make it good. And maybe like me, you are going to make it stylish too.