The Amazing Example I Follow

I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am smiling at those that designed the blueprint.

In this case, “they” happen to be my parents. In the home they created, my Mom could laugh loud and often. She was respected as intelligent and wise. She kept our home and raised us kids and no one doubted that she had the ability to do that. And she was Anishinaabe.

And my Dad loved her. He did not look down on her. If anything, he looked up to her. He adored her, he loved her, he protected her. He provided for her and in later years, she joined him to provide for us. He walked beside her. He was French.

This week’s revelation shows me that their world is the one I assist others to create every single day – a world where Indigenous are seen as carrying wisdom, as intelligent, not just as outside consultants but as true partners, with equal say and power. The Two Row Wampum come to life.

So, if you wonder what I do or why I do it, the answer is simple – I work to recreate what my parents showed me was possible.

Because I can. Because they did.

I love you!

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