Day Ninety-Six – Protect the Children


I am awake, I am alive and today … I am remembering.

I was young when I had my children and still young when I first became a single Mom. There was little time for anything outside parenting or working or maintaining our home but when I did get a second to daydream, I loved daydreaming of the lives my kids would one day lead.

For my daughter, I imagined the day she would graduate. I imagined her strong, standing up for what she believed in. I imagined her successful.

But I didn’t imagine her becoming a Mom even though almost 7.5 years ago, that is exactly what transpired and I was there to witness it.

And I didn’t imagine her getting married but on this day, exactly 4 years ago today, I stood on the deck in her back yard to witness her joining her partner in holy matrimony.

And I didn’t imagine the amazing growth my daughter would achieve, a process I would get to witness as she navigates being a wife and a Mom and a home-school teacher and a caregiver and an activist and and and …

So to my daughter and her amazing partner, the two that together created two of the greatest joys in my life, I say … Happy Anniversary. I am in awe of your commitment to each other, your commitment to honouring your relationship and your ability to simply love the stuffin outta each other!

Way to go Babygirl, way to go!
And way to go Colin. Thank you for loving my Babygirl.

To you my friend, I pray there is a special time you can retreat to today. Take the time to dance in a memory or two or ten. I am finding that it is a very enjoyable practice.

In honour of my children and especially my daughter on her amazing day, here is my Thursday Throwback video, a short yet powerful one entitled “Protect the Children”.


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