Day Ninety-Five – A Child Was Born


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am thinking of a child, for on a certain day at a particular time at a specific hour, a child was born and that child was born amazing.

Now, I may not personally know the child. I may never know the child. I may never get the chance to meet them. I may never see with my own eyes just how absolutely incredible they are in their uniqueness, in their own special way, but the not knowing on my part in no way diminishes all they are.

And some may judge the child as it grows and matures. Some may say the child is nothing special or worse. But again, the opinion of another, even the blindness, the short-sightedness, the hatred, the racism of those haters does not in anyway diminish the value, the uniqueness, the specialness of the child.

Even if the child believes for a very sad and dark time that it does.

But on a very glorious day, almost as glorious as the day of the child’s creation, the child realizes and embraces the fact that the opinions of others are nothing compared to the power of Creator. The child remembers that nothing Creator has ever designed has been anything less than spectacular for he gifted us not commodities, not resources but creations, one-of-a-kind masterpieces.

On that day, the child now grown, realizes that sometimes when we see something for the first time, we underestimate its worth. And that sometimes we can observe something for years and still not see its immense value. After all, a beautiful and valuable bee was thought nothing more than an annoyance for how long? The rainforests were thought a geographic fact, nothing more. Surely these things don’t need … protecting.

Or do they?

You my friend are that child. And I am that child. And the next person your eyes see is that child. Whether you know my name or not doesn’t matter. Whether you deem me of value or not is irrelevant for I existed long before your opinion, as a vision of my Creator and he saw me as worthy enough to create.

And the same applies to you.

So today my friend, KNOW in your HEART that you are as beautiful as the rose, the caterpillar, the butterfly, and the dandelion. Know you are as resilient as any mountain or any weed and as interconnected as any waterway even if someone else cannot see.

Even if that person has been you.

Today, remember … know … then live as that one-of-a-kind creation for when YOU finally see this truth, that is when YOU are finally free to simply be … you, no matter where you stand or who you stand beside.

And I believe with all my heart, you deserve to be free.


I love you my friend.