Day Ninety-Four – A Video From a Friend


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am smiling because I have a super special treat for you but first, a story …

Truth be told, yesterday I was exhausted. But it was Monday and on Mondays I record my “Teaching Tuesday” video to ensure it is ready for you for this very blog post on Tuesday morning. I wanted to rest. I didn’t feel I had the energy to do a video justice but I committed to providing you with the video so I did it. (You can find that video on my YouTube channel. Ironically now, the video talks about the teachings that can be found in each day. Ironic because at time of recording, I had NO IDEA how much the day would teach me!)

Yesterday evening, after the day’s To Do’s were done, a message out of nowhere from a dear friend (funny how often teachings are delivered “out of the blue”). He had recorded a video and he wanted me to watch.

It is his video I want to share with you this morning for so many reasons – his Mother is one of the amazing elders I turn to for advice. She has been my friend, my rock and my guide for many years. The uncle he speaks of in the video – the man who gifted me my name. And the teachings he shares on so many topics including National Indigenous Peoples Day and Pride Month – well, they just resonate in my soul in the way a book you know well warms your spirit when again you choose to flip through the pages.

Anishnaabe believe that everything happens for a reason, that every day plays out exactly as it should to teach us the lessons we need to know. When walking in our teachings, there is no fear, no doubt, just faith in what is meant to be.

I smile to myself (even now) as I should have known a teaching video would arrive for you guys but I forgot not to worry. I forgot to simply have faith. Luckily, the day delivered just what I needed to remember.

Have faith today my friend. The path you walk is designed just for you, which of course means if you are reading these words, you should probably watch the video. After all, you are not here by accident.



To watch the video, click HERE.