Afraid of Other Gods?

Afraid of other “gods”? Well, in my mind, my Creator isn’t a huge diff from your God. Check out today’s blog post and let me know what you agree. (And for those so tempted, don’t try to convert me. Enough Indigenous were forced into Christianity so please don’t try that on me. Just take comfort in knowing our spirituality may be different but our faith may not be.)

I am awake, I am alive, and as is so often the case, this morning I am just absolutely amazed at the wisdom of Creator.

To put some context on that comment – I wake up at 7 am-ish every morning, largely do to a hyper little furball that jumps on my head, chest, and legs to inform me that a new day is here.

But this morning, no jumping. I woke, checked the time, and it was 8:30 am!! I will admit to a wave of panic! Had something happened to him? Did I want to know? (Dread!!)

Then poof! There he was, springboarding around the bed! I assumed he had just slept in so up I got, heading to the bathroom as per the norm. It was a FULL 5 MINUTES before my eyes cleared enough to see the time, this time on my cell phone.

It was 6:30 AM!!!

I can honestly say I did not consider going back to bed. I was now awake, might as well get my day started. It is about this time that I realized how perfect this early start was!

You see, I had signed up to do an online training challenge this week, one little module each day. BUT the trainer is in the UK which means the morning post is long up by the time I get up.

Long story short, waking early allowed me to do the challenge even BEFORE I posted this blog at my usual time. YES!!

So Creator knew what he was doing by waking me up early. I knew what I was doing by staying awake and I have no doubt that you my friend, know exactly what you should be doing today and I pray you do it!

This is me, ready and willing to appreciate yet another amazing day, comfy in knowing that Creator always sends me exactly what I need. And I do believe he does same for YOU!

Enjoy the day my friend!

I love you!

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