Day Ninety-Two – Are You Uncomfortable?


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am praying you are uncomfortable (as strange as that sounds) for change does not happen in comfort.

And I am assuming you are. I mean, I am not sure how anyone can hear the news of late and NOT be uncomfortable. We now live in a world where black men can be killed publicly in front of witnesses, a world where mental illness can too often result in death by cop if you are indigenous, and I pray that reality makes you incredibly uncomfortable.

If not, then your privilege is showing, a privilege that allows you to “not think of such things”, a privilege not shared by the black, indigenous or people of colour (BIPOC) who wonder if they or someone they love will be next.

Those who cannot escape from this reality are damn uncomfortable and as a result, they are taking action. They are sharing memes. They are protesting. They are calling out their neighbor or friend or acquaintance for their misinformed statements. They are saying, “Meeyah!” (Enough.)

And their efforts are often met with backlash. Friends “unfriend” them over “political memes” attempting to save lives. People criticize them for attending marches and protests. And conversations get damn uncomfortable when someone is called out for their prejudice or racism, as it should.

Again I say, I pray you are uncomfortable for change does not happen in comfort. And that my friend is the litmis test – if there is no price to pay, if there is no uncomfortableness – you are not bringing about change SO GET UNCOMFORTABLE! Dare to call out your friend. Dare to speak up to your family member or neighbor. Do not allow the sickness to continue, the sickness of racism and racial violence.

And I know you are willing when the result is desirable enough to you. We do it all the time!

– We get uncomfortable at the gym to lose weight.

– We get uncomfortable at an interview to land a new job.

– We get uncomfortable in a new location because we needed to move.

– We get uncomfortable by speaking up in our relationship because change is needed.

And in this country, in this world – CHANGE IS NEEDED.

In my humble opinion, it is time to get dang uncomfortable with the reality of our societies right now. It is too damn easy to fly a Canadian or American flag on the 1st or the 4th. It is too damn easy to say you are proud of your country because HOW CAN YOU BE? When people are dying over the colour of their skin in YOUR country? How when men and women have been denied fresh water and access to health services for DECADES in YOUR country? How?

Maybe those questions made you uncomfortable.


Today, let’s be uncomfortable because no one in my humble opinion, should be comfortable in this day and age, not as long as men and women are dying from things that CAN BE controlled.

It is time. Time for change.