Fantastic News! YOU are the One You Need!

I am awake, I am alive, and this morning as I greet the day with coffee and keyboard, I cannot help but smile thinking of the day just passed.

Growing up female in the 60s and 70s in a northern sawmill town had its perks. The air was clean, traffic non-existent and water fresh. But it wasn’t a university town. Growing up there, I saw little evidence of the need for intelligence or anything more than the required “common sense”. My straight A’s won me accolades in school but they sure didn’t win me any dates, not among the guys that cared more about a girl’s cooking skills and bra size then they did her impression of world events.

Such was the song I danced to for decades, loving a career that required problem solving skills and constant upgrading, but silent at home, with no one to bounce my latest new idea off of (at least, until my children got older).

Until now that is, and days like yesterday.

No date in sight. Nowadays my company is me but no matter for my day was spent reading, listening to podcasts, watching TedTalks, eating healthy, getting in some exercise, and simply enjoying the sounds of my home. Here you see, intelligence IS valued as is hard work. When “a great new idea” hit, I knew just which friend to reach out too. Two minutes later, we were Zooming towards a greater future for both of us, with no need for restraint or cooking skills in sight.

So this is me saying, “Thank you Creator” for showing me I truly am the one I was waiting for, the one who knows exactly what I need, the one with the freedom and the means to meet those needs each and every time, whether it is before or after ordering takeout.

Be well my friend, and today, do even better. Today be YOU! After all, you have the power.

I love you!

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