Day Ninety – A World of Change & Fear


I am awake, I am alive in a world that is now immersed in change and fear as areas begin to release restrictions at a pace open to interpretation.

Some believe the lifting of restrictions is long overdue while some are convinced it is too soon. Respect is needed now more than ever, for everyone, as I respect that you will now do what you feel safe doing, knowing that I may not feel same.

But I promise, I will not build you a cage, even if I wish to build myself one.

Today I pray for this city this region, this province, this country. I pray those out and about take precautions, respecting those not yet ready. I pray numbers stay low and that the light at the end of this tunnel remains in sight. And I pray that a second wave is minimal if existant at all.

Most of all, I pray for those now asked to go back to work, those who may not feel ready who for financial reasons feel they have no choice. “No choice” is a horrible chapter to live within and I pray that soon, these people can turn the page.

And today, I pray for you my friend. I pray you feel as safe as possible in this time. I pray you are taking steps to continue feeling safe without impeding on what others may now want to do.

It’s a brave new world, that’s for sure, one that must be navigated at a pace that works for us, even if that means we pass or trail behind the others.

Me? I am happy. I am safe. I am fine and I am certain I will remain that way, Creator willing.

Be well, be happy, be safe my friend. Do your best to enjoy this day, for no matter what it brings, we only get to play it once.