Day 64 – Canada, It is Time

I am awake, I am alive, and as I again wake to the thunder-beings in deep conversation, I cannot help but think “Canada is demanding to be heard”.

And when I say Canada in this context, I do not mean the government. I do not mean the citizens who love to wave flags and sing songs of national pride. I am talking of the very land itself, a land that goes by many names, depending on who is speaking and what group you are assigning it to.

No, I don’t mean any of those. I am referring to the land itself. The land interconnected to water and air and sky. The land so tired of holding the children while we get our collective chit together. The land now saying, “Meeyah! Enough!”

The land holds secrets for many. Toxic waste buried. Tailing ponds abandoned. Mine shafts long vacant of men and equipment.

Yes, she holds many secrets but then, like any beautiful Anishinaabe mom, there comes a time when she backs away, letting her offspring clean up their own mess. Not because she stopped caring but because she knows they must now learn.

The journey continues for myself and this country today, as does the thunder. Canada – it is time, not for party banners and song but for reckoning. It is time to fess up. It is time to dig up the skeletons you have buried, bodies you should never have hid, children you should have never taken.

It is time. So many more need to go home. The thunder-beings and the land say it’s time as they have many times before. But this time, too many have noticed for you to continue to pretend that what I say isn’t true.

Thank you for reading my friends.

I love you!

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