Day 62 – Simply a Puzzle Piece

I am awake, I am alive, and as I watch the lightning light up the morning sky, I cannot help but think that those exposed to the elements have no delusions of power over Mother Earth.

But so many do. Those spending far too much time in boardroom, office, educational institutions or even home offices live neck-deep in the illusion of control. With air conditioners, furnaces, hot water on demand, and refrigerators, they feel in control so how could they not control the world? And if they don’t yet, why shouldn’t they?

They live and breathe in a hierarchy after all, thinking themselves superior to other life forms, forgetting completely they are exactly like everyone else – a mere puzzle piece in a 7.674 billion piece puzzle and that is only counting the human pieces.

But they may lead a team of 30 or 300, they may influence many more, they think themselves more valuable, more important based on postal code and back balance. They have forgotten their humility. They think themselves more.

Spend the night on the streets in a Thunder Bay thunderstorm. Go out on Lake Superior in similar weather. Let me know how long it takes before you realize you are not the strongest power.

And then, more importantly, let me know how your decisions will change once you return to boardroom, office, educational institutions or home office. Will you now work to protect what we all need – the air, the water, the very Earth itself or have the lessons already dissipated, replaced by concern for postal code and bank balance?

The journey continues. Our earthly Mother needs us.

I love you!

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