Day Eighty-Six – Sharing the Love & the Wealth


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am smiling (and you are not going to believe why!).

You see, for so many years I knew the bitter taste of poverty. Payday wasn’t a relief for it meant paying bill after bill after bill. I hated every second of the process and that my friend, may have been part of the problem.

The Law of Abundance says what we freely give, we freely get. Mother Earth and my teachings show us that we should take only what we need, trusting that she will provide again tomorrow and the next and the next … which brings me to my joy.

Today, some money will finally hit my bank account. Today, I will be able to send out payments to so many I love, those patient souls who have supported me through this time of adjustment. Today I get to share the love and wealth I receive and my friend, if feels GOOD.

Yes, today, I honour promises. Today, I take yet another step closer to having survived this nightmare. Today, I move closer to the successful business woman I wish to be and that makes me smile from the soul.

I smile again as I imagine the emails, the THANK YOU’s from those who need these payments to run their businesses, to pay their bills, to be the type of successful business people they long to be and today, I get to help that happen. And again, I smile from the soul.

Today, I share. Today, I care. Today, I live. Today, I love. Today is a dang fine day to pay some bills.


I love you my friend!