Day Eighty-Five – Dream Pieces


I am awake, I am alive, and as I enjoy a lazy morning after a late night, I give thanks for my Fort William First Nation dream guides …

To be clear, I am not a Fort William member but for three nights in a row, members have visited me.

On Night One, a woman I have the pleasure of knowing came to visit. Tannis and I discussed the insanity that is the world right now as we prayed and planned to bring about change.

Night Two brought madness and insanity as I found myself in the midst of a chaotic crowd. Marvin or Mervin Pervais (I do not know the individual) was the name uttered, as many shared how his words would guide us.

And last night, the chaos continued. With waking, I don’t remember the specific member that visited. But I remember waking in the middle of the night as the dream ended and realizing where they were all from.

My journey continues as I choose to learn from all the teachers Creator sends. Time brings clarity as I reflect on occurrences here and in dream world. There is so much to learn after all, so much to change.

Chi-Miigwetch visitors, thank you for coming to see me. Chi-Miigwetch friends for reading these words. Today let us listen. Today let us learn. Today let us walk The PATH with patience, awareness of the reality of those not like us, tenacity to keep us going and humility as we accept that no one person has the answer.

This is a puzzle. We are all pieces. Together is the only way.


I love you! Hugssssssss