Day Eighty-Four – Lean on Me


I am awake, I am alive, as my mind goes to all those hurting in this time of social distancing. With so many lonely, fearful, confused, I cannot help but ask myself, “How can I help? When I meet someone I love, someone in pain, someone who needs the reassurance of human touch, what can I do to help?”

I cannot hug them even though my heart so wants to, so what then? And then the answer came to me … lean on me.

What if I turned my back to you and asked you to do same? What if I invited you to back up against me, leaning your back on mine for just a moment, allowing you to feel my strength transfer to you in your time of need as you literally feel me supporting you, physically holding you up even if just for a second, allowing you to realize you are not alone?

What if?

To me, this could be the answer. This is safe. No hands, no touching faces, no embracing, just one strong back supporting another, allowing just enough time for the hurting to remember how strong their back is too – the breather we all need.

You with me?

I know I am going to try it when presented with the hurting for there are far too many right now who need to hear…. lean on me.

Lean on me my friend.