Day Eighty-Three – The Price We Will Pay


I am awake, I am alive, and since my puter is doing it’s update thingie, I have taken to my phone for this morning’s post. It works for me and that my friends is the subject of today’s sharing.

This period in time, this period of social distancing and increased online presence, has highlighted for many the power of personal choice. Futures, after all, continue to be built on today but what if today isn’t as you wish? What then?

Today people are putting themselves and their health at risk to go to jobs to pay bills. They don’t want to lose their house or face the shame of defaulting on payments but what price will they pay? Will they get sick or will their partner at home be the one who truly suffers from the virus brought home? All must make the choice and pay the consequences.

And today in my city, a peaceful gathering in support of #blacklivesmatter. Five hundred are expected, creating a visible show of support but again at what price? And if the gathering didn’t happen, what price would be paid in the form of continued discrimination and violence?

Actions and inactions both come with price tags after all, and each individual must choose what they are willing to pay.

My heart, my words, my prayers are with those that gather today but my body can’t be, out of respect for those who have sacrificed to keep me safe – the dear friend who grabs my groceries weekly to minimize store trips, my grandchildren who went without Gramma for so long, my kids who worry. Rest assured, I will continue my educational campaign online, sharing information in an attempt to make a difference but I can’t attend for Covid doesn’t fit in my future plans.

I support #blacklivesmatter. I support those who gather today. I support all who want bad cops taken to task and removed. But for me, I must do it from home so I can continue fighting the good fight long after today.

In short, on this day, I respect those who will attend the gathering and I respect those who just can’t, like me.

Be well my friend. Do what you can today to create a better world tomorrow even if all you can do right now is share a meme and shutdown a racist online.


I love you. Hugssssssss