Day Eighty-Two – Not About You


I am awake, I am alive and today, during this time of civil unrest and protest, I felt it was a good time to remind our allies what good allyship looks like.

A simple rule to remember often – “This is not about me” because as soon as it is, you are no longer an ally.

So go to the protests, not to be seen, not to be heard, not to
understand more, not to ask questions but to support. Walk with men and women so desperately trying to be heard without need to comment.

And if a reporter were to appear to ask you your opinion, instead ask them why they are asking you instead of those whose cries need to be heard. Point them in the direction of an organizer rather than sharing because again, this is not about you.

And if you do wish to learn more – Google it. Understand this is not the time to expect those most effected to stop to educate you. They have enough to worry about including their own safety and the safety of those they love so don’t ask. Research instead.

Today is Throwback Thursday but today isn’t about me either so instead I am sharing a link to a website we could all learn from. Read. Listen. Watch. Learn. Refrain from commenting to announce you have visited. Just learn.

Stay safe today my friend.




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