Day 55 – “Safe”

I am awake, I am alive, as I dance with the notion of “safety”.

This morning marks two weeks since my last vaccine, rendering me “safe” or at minimum “safer” from a virus that has ravaged this world for more than a year. From it, I feel “safe”, yet am I safe from my neighbor?

As an Indigenous female, where am I “safe” exactly? Few boardrooms or staffrooms offer me safety from racist comment or stereotypical opinions. Few retail outlets protect me from racist rhetoric thrown by other clientele. Age protects me somewhat from physical assault but emotional, spiritual, mental harm remain up for grabs.

Online is no different. I hesitate for the briefest of seconds before opening any social media platform, unsure what will assault me when I dare to begin reading. I head to my pages as quickly as possible, for there at least I can find sanctuary.

Like frogs on lilypads, we jump, from one safe place to another. Are there more these days or less? The answer changes dependant on the news, the weather, on any number of variables.

Such is the existance of a Kwe in Canada, especially in Thunder Bay. So here I sit, sitting coffee, pondering what it must be like for those who sit, sipping coffee, never having to worry about their safety.

The journey continues …

I love you!

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