Day Seventy-Nine – Take Good Care


I am awake, I am alive, as three little words dance in my head, enticing my brain to consider them … Take good care.

I first heard the phrase from an incredibly French colleague. With English being her second language, she often used phrases that were unique and most definitely uncommon. This was me favourite by far and she said it often – to colleagues as they left at day’s end, at the completion of every phone call, and on and on.

I use to stop each time a heard it, noting how it seemed so much more to me than a flippant “Have a good one!” or even it’s pure English counterpart “Take care”.

So today my friend, in honour of the colleague who got me thinking then and now, I ask you today to please take good care …

Take good care of the amazing human you are, for you are unique and one of a kind. Today stop comparing yourself to others and instead, start exploring all that you are. What do you like? What do you hate? What makes your spirit sing? What brings you peace. How much do you love you?

Today, take good care of all those amazing gifts Creator felt the need to share with you – take good care of any children, adult or otherwise; take good care of your partner and friends for they are some of this life’s greatest gifts; take good care of your home so it always soothes your soul and please, most of all, take good care of our original home for Mother Earth must be well enough to be passed on to those that come next.

Today my friend, take good care of all that matters and avoid the things that don’t. Life is too short for the trivial but perfectly long enough to give us time to take good care so please, join me today in doing just that.

Take good care my friend, of my friend.