Day 139 – Today I Choose


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning my journey continues and that is the image that is forefront in my mind …

My journey – now a movement from one conscious decision to another. Gone are the “leaf in the wind” days, being blown around by the actions or deeds of another. Gone are the “unconscious” decisions made on a whim with no consideration of where they took me.

Now I choose – I choose to start my day here with you as we share this morning blog post. I choose to manage my day, allowing me the ability to advance project after project from conception to fruition. I choose to walk my 10k and I choose what to eat. In other words, I consciously choose where I want this road to take me and it is not “out of business” or “alone” or “unhealthy”.

I smile as I realize the days of victimhood are also gone. I am no victim. I am not helpless nor am I out of choices because I have today and today is filled with choices.

So today, I choose. But as I choose, I remember that I do not nor will I ever control the world or the actions/words of another. All I can be is all Creator meant for me to be and I can be an example of strength, resilience, determination, wisdom and love. They are my travel companions after all, and they make for a great trip.

So where are you going my friend and with whom? Don’t think other people. Think what attributes you are bringing with you. Think of the experiences and places you have already been. Use them to take you where you want to go.

I did and they lead me straight to you.