The Four Seasons of Life …

I am awake, I am alive, as I continue to enjoy this “season” …

I have spoken of the four seasons before – the season of growth, the season of grief, the season of healing, and the season of calm.

This morning I acknowledge that, although I strive to learn and grow every day, I am not in the midst of some huge growth lesson, so it is not the season of growth for me.

The seasons of grief and of healing I know well. They demand your subservience as does a bitter winter night but I am in neither of those now. Thank you for that fact Creator.

That leaves the season of calm. We know the storms will come again, the trials, the tribulations. We know more children will be found, more deniers will grab public attention, more slurs will be hurled … but not right now.

Right now, I sip my coffee and simply enjoy the season of calm.

Whatever season you may be in my friend, I pray you recognize it. Some are seasons of rapid change whereas others are seasons where movement is almost nonexistent and that is okay.

Like Mother Earth, we need all our seasons even when they are not enjoyable.

I love you!