Day 137 – The Year of Possible


I am awake, I am alive, as the anomaly that is 2020 continues – in my world “the year of the impossible”.

The world going into lockdown – IMPOSSIBLE! Could never happen for any reason! Been there, done that.

A government forced to decree distancing from friends and loved ones – IMPOSSIBLE! No, not so much.

My business surviving (even thriving) without live events – COULD NOT BE DONE!! Oh, wrong again.

Relationships strengthened and built over distance with … phone calls? IMPOSSIBLE! No one calls anymore! Wrong again.

This year I dance in the land of impossible, realizing just how much can and will be done if only I delete those two little letters from the equation, turning the unimaginable into …possible.

For me, this times reminds me of another, the time I moved to Toronto from our small northern Ontario city. I was recently separated then, approaching my 40th birthday, both kids now out and on their own, and I was in a new city. I knew only one thing – expect NOTHING to be the same! Instead, enjoy the newness of it all!

This year, I am the kid at the carnival for the first time. Safely respecting distance, wearing masks when needed, enjoying that smiling at strangers is no longer an option – I have to actually say “Hi!” and “Thank you” and smile with my voice. And like any other day in my life, I love me a good challenge.

Rose-coloured glasses? Maybe but then I look good in any shade of red and in my world, its truly better than any shade of grey.

What glasses are you wearing my friend? What changes have you embraced? I would love to hear.

Just remember, one thing will never change …