Is Your Engagement Growing or Dying?

I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am thinking of inherited habits and the conscious decision to examine them…

We all do things just because “that’s the way they have always been done” but today I invite you to look at those habits and processes through a diversity lens (best done with a diverse group of colleagues and friends)…

Is your marketing excluding a segment of the population you wish to serve, simply with the wording or imagery used?

Is the wording of your posters or policies problematic?

Are your processes for customer engagement more about efficiency and effectiveness or staff convenience?

Is your business growing or dying (maintaining is dying)?

If serving a diverse population, do you have a diverse marketing team in place, one that would best know how to serve your diverse population?

There is one GOLDEN RULE when it comes to planning for, marketing to or working with people that are different than you and I will share that in my Facebook Live at noon today but in the meantime, think about what you have inherited. Do those phrases, terms, gestures, and thoughts you use at work and at home really work today?

In other words, are you building walls or bridges?

See you at noon!

I love you!