Day 135 – I Can!


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am excited as I continue to discover just how amazing the world can be when you truly embrace “I can!”

I’m not talking about words uttered obediently in public forums. I am talking about believing you can SUCCEED rather than merely survive. I am talking about believing you can in the face of discouragement and disappointment. I am talking about whispering or exclaiming “I CAN” when the whole world says you can’t. I am talking about remembering you can when you are alone in the dark moments that somehow seem to creep into almost every day.

I can …

For you see, I have discovered that once adopted and believed, that simple two-word statement transforms into a magic key opening doors to opportunity and networks, to new friends and in so many ways, a new life. And today, I use that key.

It matters not how long you have been lost (took me 56 years to TRULY find and hold and use the key). It matters not if you drop it sometimes. Pick it back up. Open the door and go through.

Your future awaits my friend and I am so excited for you because I know … you can.