The Weight and Price of Exhaustion …

I am awake, I am alive, yet this morning I am feeling the weight of exhaustion …

Last night, my humble abode simply did not cool down, resulting in an endless night of tossing and turning. I remember 2 a.m. clearly. I remember 4 a.m. as well. And now, I feel the result.

Exhaustion is annoying for some, debilitating for others. I position myself somewhere in-between, knowing my neck (incapacitated years ago by injury) cannot take the weight of my own head when I do not rest. Luckily, a rejuvinating nap this afternoon was already on the agenda.

Why you may ask?

Because tonight I have the honour and the privilege of being a guest on Indigenous Sounds, a radio program out of Florida from 9-11 pm EST. Simply head to to listen live.

And of course, I have my FB live at noon. ?

So the week begins. Moving slower than normal but as grateful as always.

I love you!