Day 134 – Out of Your Way!


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am smiling at just how beautiful the view is now that I am mastering this idea of getting out of my own way.

You see, we stand in our own way each time we utter “I could never do that”. We block our view and our future each time we tell ourselves we are going to fail, that we shouldn’t even try, that we are going to embarrass ourselves.

It is the habit of the oppressed, and women and BIPOC know it all too well, even though most will never realize just how often we are the ones building the walls. The reasoning? As sad as it is simple – we are so use to walls that we anticipate them, we envision them, we speak them into reality and then … we heed them. And this chickie just ain’t playing anymore!

Entrepreneurship was my first big opportunity to bring down a wall or two or ten. You just can’t play meek or small in business. Surviving requires pivoting and adjusting and trying new things. It requires you jump even when you have no idea how far down the bottom is and I jumped.

Surprisingly enough, this pandemic has been yet another opportunity to get out of my own way. Survival during this strange time has again meant pivoting and adjusting and trying new things. Food in the cupboards meant pushing fear aside and “doing it anyways”. Survival left little time to dance with ghosts.

And here I am, standing on this side of fear, having landed on a new but solid foundation. I can see so clearly now that I am not trying to look around walls built by my hand and things look good, real good.

Today my friend I implore you … get out of your own way, for you and for all those that are watching. Your kids will build enough walls. They don’t need to learn they should from you.