Judgement Burns Bridges …

I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am reminded of one simple truth …

Judgement burns bridges.

For context, followers have heard me say I have no interest in judging someone as “good” or “bad”, as “racist” or “woke”. Instead (for the sake of my blood pressure), I adopted the belief that what people say is simply an example of or the result of what they were taught. If what they say is problematic, I can call out the word or phrase, educating them on its unacceptability. If done with assertiveness rather than aggression, they will hear me, even if this is the first time anyone has pointed out the problematic nature of the word or phrase in question.

And that brings me to today’s thought…

Yesterday, I was reminded that we live in and work in different “worlds”. Conversations on a construction site, for example, could vary greatly from one around a boardroom table (but not always, as many a problematic statement is whispered at said table). Geography is another determinent, with less diverse communities being vastly different from large, diverse urban centres. Whatever the difference, one environment may still linger in the past, using phrases no longer acceptable in the other.

But again, if one has never been educated on why words or phrases are problematic, if those words or phrases are still in general use in their world, why are we shocked or quick to judge when they use them?

It is too easy to write-off a human when we apply our worldly rules to their behaviour but what if instead, we consider the world they operate in? Would educating them be more helpful than judgement?

In all cases, I believe the answer is, “Yes”.

To be clear, it is not my RESPONSIBILITY to educate. It is a choice but if I want to build bridges, I can’t judge people for doing what is totally acceptable in their world. Instead, I must choose to do my part to add to their understanding and in turn, perhaps change, ever so slightly, the habits of their world.

Especially if they want to walk in mine.

You with me?

I love you!