Day 131 – What Doesn’t Change


I am awake (kinda), I am alive (thank you Creator) and this morning I am giggling at the things that just never change.

In a world that is seeing so much change right now, globally and personally, I cannot help but giggle at the things that I can bet on like …

– Coffee after 1 pm guarantees I see 1 a.m.
– The cat has no concept of sleeping in.
– Sunlight tells my body to wake up no matter what time I went to bed
– Pickles are gross (response to a FB meme yesterday)

Yes, this morning as I sip my coffee and contemplate my jam-packed day, I am giggling at the reminder to not take things so seriously. Today will no doubt include over-tired giggles and general silliness thanks to a sleep-deprieved brain and that’s okay.

After all, the world needs giggles too.

So the journey continues, with a tired body and a silly mind. If you see me on the lawn attempting a cartwheel “just cuz I wanna” ignore or cheer. Your choice.

Just promise me you will enjoy this day.