Day 129 – Too Old!


I am awake, I am alive, as I smile and think to myself, “I am too old for that!”

Like everyone else at a younger age, I have argued against that statement. Funny how it is always the people that have yet to REACH the relevant age that are the ones to quip back, “Age is just a number”.

And to a certain extent, the younger is correct – age is just a number. But it is also an indicator of how many laps around the sun we have achieved (Yes, you ARE still running laps. Pretty cool eh?). The more laps, the greater chance of experiences and maybe even acquired wisdom and that is why I smile.

I will argue with everything I have against the notion that an older age means you can’t dress up (anyway you want to) and go out. I will argue against the crazy idea that a certain age means less physical ability especially if that “age” is only in your 50s or 60s. But there are many things I am now too old for and I smile at the chance to list them off.

I am too old:
– to tolerate rudeness.
– to put up with racism, sexism or any of the ism’s.
– to put up with ignorance.
– to spend time with fake people.
– not to enjoy every minute I am gifted.

So this morning, I am smiling because I am THRILLED that I am too old for such things now. If anything, I only wish I had realized I was too old for those things in my 30s.

Food for thought my friend. What are you “too old” for?