Day 130 – What Did the Sky Say?


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am so thankful for the rain that makes it so easy for me to work on my dreams.

No temptation to head outside. No temptation to bask in the sun. Today’s overcast skies makes it easy to continue the productive pace I set yesterday and for that I am thankful.

We all need the sun. We need the days that tempt us outside, out of the four walls we so often build around ourselves even when we are standing outside, but we need the rain too. We need days of focus, of inner work, of reflection, of healing, of grrowth.

Today’s weather reminds me of the need for balance – how we need both sun and rain to live and how life comes with both pain and joy, both ease and struggle. I needed the reminder, so I smile as I give thanks for the rain …

And you my friend, did you glance outside today? What did the sun or clouds say to you or did you bother to look? Like the elderly parent or child ignored, the elements have much to share if only you could take time to listen.

So do me a favour. Set down whatever you are doing. Walk to a window or door. Look outside. Look to the sky. Breathe in. What do you see? Look past the negative … find the message. Find the joy. Find the gift.

Perfect. Enjoy the day and whatever the sky said.