Day 128 – My Day Plan


I am awake, I am alive, as the portage continues …

With my computer still in PC hospital, not a lot can be done in the office today but that doesn’t mean the needle cannot be moved in other key areas…

So today is about getting in the steps I didn’t get in on the weekend. Today is about packing and prepping for my immenient move. Today is about reading (aka devouring) that great new book I got my hands on. Today is about … whatever I make it about.

And that my friends is where the magic lies – in the choice. Your day doesn’t have to be about “his” actions or “her” choices. Your day doesn’t have to be about online anything either. Your day has been and will always be about what you choose my friend, so choose wisely.

Do what you want to do today then imagine doing it 365 more times. Imagine each day for the next year playing out the same way as today. Where will you be? Healthier? Wiser? Closer or further from your goals?

Choose wisely my friend. Where you end up depends on it. Me? I am aiming for healthier, wiser, more knowegable and yes, still happy.