Day 127 – A Beautiful Portage


I am awake, I am alive as I accept that this day must be heavy on … well, acceptance.

Yet another frustrating situation yesterday as I attempted to maintain my shooting schedule without my main equipment. Three episodes of Surviving Isolation were shot with critical errors discovered in each version. The end result? A busy and challenging day without accomplishment.

With morning light, I accept it is not my shooting methods that must adjust but rather the deadlines I face. Today, explanatory emails will be set, buying me the time I need to return my office back to normal. Today I buy myself space to breathe, to live, to just be as I accept that today is not the day of resolution, not until the necessary tools are gathered.

In other words, today I accept the things I cannot change while changing the things I can and as always, that totally works for me.

Truth be told, I am proud of the effort I put in yesterday, the resilience and determination I showed. But today I realize those are not the tools I need to accomplish the tasks at hand. This time … I actually do need my computer! lol

So, the To Do List is now adjusted. Video shoot replaced by office re-org, a healthy 10k and some coaching, a great day no matter how you slice it and that works for me.

I smile as I realize that today the journey does continue but not on water, for today I enjoy this beautiful portage I am taking. I will canoe again. I will put many more miles and videos behind me before this trip is done, but not today.

Today, I take a moment to smell the flowers.

Whether you rest or work today my friend, I pray you do it with attention and appreciation. Enjoy the journey. Enjoy the company you keep. Enjoy the views you see. Enjoy the foods you eat. Enjoy the words you hear. Enjoy the wisdom you share. Enjoy the day. Enjoy your life.

I am.