Sacrifices to Appease White Intent …

I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am thanking Creator for reminding me of my own words …

Awhile back, I warned the Indigenous that follow me to up their “selfcare game” for several reasons. First and foremost, more children will be found and even though we factly know that to be true, each discovery is like an unexpected gutpunch so be ready – ready to turn off social media, ready to cry, ready to reach out, ready to be kind to yourself.

But in between the discoveries is the barrage of questions.

White settler descendants are used to asking questions. They have been taught that if they want to know, they should be able to get the info so they write or email or call or comment, always with the questions, rarely cognizant of the pain it takes to read their question (often dripping in disbelief and therefore, inflicting more pain), rarely recognizing the emotional labour it would take to answer their questions – the children of the abused being asked to explain the effects to the children of the abuser.

So again, I beg you – be ready. We do not owe answers to questions. We do not owe interaction. Their education cannot be at the expense of our mental or physical health. This time, in this arena, it is us first.

They will learn, through observation, in time. It need not be at our expense. Their urgency is not a weapon we need to endure so please my friend, turn off social media, cry your tears, reach out or take a break when needed, and above all else, please be really kind to yourself.

This time we cannot be sacrificed to appease white intent.

I love you.