Day 126 – Broken Routines


I am awake, I am alive, as I contemplate and appreciate the power of routines.

Yesterday was a rough one for me, not gonna lie. One of those days when it seems like everything you normally take for granted isn’t working. Meltdown imminent kinda stuff and it happened. Meltdown achieved!

But yesterday’s insanity (which I speak to in the Surviving Isolation video that I will be releasing later today) left me keenly aware of just how much comfort I take from routines. As a result, I came to realize how I have been isolated, not only from my friends, but from the immense stress that many have felt as a result of this pandemic because for the most part, my routines didn’t change.

But yesterday, routines changed and I became acutely aware of how many of you have been feeling. For that awareness, I am grateful.

So this is me, humbled, more aware, more sympathetic to the man or woman reading these words. I pray you have found new routines that give you comfort. I pray you have found some peace in the midst of insanity. I pray you have found ways to laugh.

Me? I am too dang stubborn to let broken routines keep me from achieving my goals. After all, I have climbed higher moutains than broken computers. Challenges are just that in my world and I love me a good challenge!

So this is me, living, laughing, and loving inspite of broken routines. After all, I still have the best routine of all, being here each morning to say …