Day 125 – I Did Good, I Did Real Good


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am smiling as I think to myself “I did good, I did real good.”

Yesterday, packing commenced as my bestie made sense of my recycling and my son and I packed up boxes. Him and I laughed as my kids and I have always laughed. We told stories as we have always done. We enjoyed the work and I smile as I remember the day’s events. He turned out so great. I did good.

And my daughter – I stopped in for an unannounced visit the other day. She is doing so amazing as she uses that HUGE brain and heart of hers to make sense of the world, to live her life, to build her marriage, to raise exceptional children. My grandkids take every opportunity to tell me how much they love me and my grandson even told me I was beautiful. Their Mama is raising them right, alongside her partner. She turned out so great. I did good, real good.

As I pack up the business that has fed and clothed me for more than a decade, I smile as I acknowledge I did good, real good.

Did I and do I make mistakes? Absa-freakin-lutely! As do my kids and grandkids but that works because perfect was never the goal. Authentic was and is. Honest is. Hardworking is. Constantly improving is. Living is.

And looking back over where we started, what we have been through and where we all landed, yes I smile as I think to myself, “I did good, I did real good.”

And today, I intend to do more good.

I pray you can say same my friend. I pray that today you too do “more good”.