Day 123 – Rocks or Glass?


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning as I think of all I get to do today, I realize just how fortunate and lucky I am.

For today, friends of mine grieve. And friends of mine worry. Today friends of mine struggle with relationships, mental health issues, finances and so many other things. And for them all I pray.

Because today I am paddling on a smooth part of my river. I know rocks will come again, as will tears but not now. Now I see only beautiful sunrises and amazing shores. Now I have time to pray for those fighting rapids and undercurrents that threaten to pull them under.

Because prayers work.

Let us never forget It is a river my friend, a journey that lasts a lifetime. The rocks are not personal, they are simply part of the journey. We can make it easier, more enjoyable even, by packing a good canoe. On this journey, we can make good decisions for they determine which course we take, aiming us for smooth sailing or … rocks.

Personally, I have done my time caught in undercurrents and smashing into boulders. I learned to portage past insanity and to always remember that this isn’t my first day in the canoe. I may not have faced this particular challenge before but I have faced many and survived. I can do it again.

And so can you.

So my friend, if you river is currently smoooth, I ask you to join me in prayer for those not so fortunate. And if your journey is currently a challenge that demands all your time and attention, know you are being thought of and prayed for.

As mentioned, today does not require I fight. Today I get to simply paddle on a river of glass. Today I have time … to pray.