Day 122 – Two Incredibly Valuable Gifts


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning … I am so thankful for both.

I am awake, awake to the news that Ontario is moving into Stage 3, awake to what that will mean for my business and clients, awake to the fear of First Nations when it comes to this virus, awake to the need to ensure safe guards remain in place inside my seminar structure, awake to the reality that we have all experienced trauma in the form of this coronavirus and that trauma changes you.

I have changed ... but I am also alive, and for that I am grateful. I am alive which means I can continue to influence, continue to educate, continue to make a difference all the while being thankful for the chance to be alive.

Today my friend, I pray you are awake to the reality of the world around you, not misguided fears but the reality for your community, your neighborhood, your corner store.

And like me, I pray you are celebrating that you are alive my friend. Truth be told, we have all sustained injuries on this life journey. We all have a scar or two or ten on our emotional, mental, spiritual and physical body but then, what warrior doesn’t?

Today my friend, join me in celebrating that we are indeed awake and alive for each day starts with those two incredibly valuable gifts.