Day 121 – Ponytail Day!


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning all I am thinking is “what a GLORIOUS start to the week!”

First, a great night sleep – deep, restful, a full 7.5 hours of rejuvenating bliss and I SO needed that.

Upon waking, I did what I have always done – I mentally reviewed the day’s To Do List and today’s plans made me smile from the soul!

You see, those who have followed my posts for awhile know that in pre-pandemic times, I loved my “paperwork days”. Don’t get me wrong! I love seminars and meeting amazing people on every journey but there was something gloriously freeing about the days that didn’t require makeup and coifed hair. Paperwork days meant my nose was to the grindstone as I worked on whatever needed to be done but the work was completed in my fav boxer shorts and tank top.

Paperwork days were … heaven.

But then came the pandemic and public events became video shoots. TV shows and video courses require videos almost daily so paperwork days became a thing of the past until … today.

Today is my newly named “ponytail day” as I again work on behind the scenes stuff with no need for makeup or any appearance of any kind. Today my plan is a whole lot of prep … if I do it at all. 

And that my friends is the best part. As I sat to write this blog, I sipped my coffee and enjoyed the sun. I pondered the balcony that just hasn’t seen enough of me this summer and the fact that I have been working every single day for weeks. As a result, I now believe today would be a good day to do … nothing.

Now to be clear, “nothing” for me WILL involve my 10k of course. That’s not a chore. That’s like eating and sleeping. It’s a must-do. And it will probably involve reading because, well, reading is just too enjoyable not to include. But neither of those involve the office or keyboards. This day has no need for monitors or cameras. This day just needs … me.

So my friend, enjoy this day. I know I will for I plan to savour every single delicious second of it … in a ponytail.