Always Preparing for What Comes Next

I am awake, I am alive as I embrace one undeniable truth …

We are always preparing for what comes next.

For me, that is EXCITING as my career climbs to amazing new levels but what of those with less desirable tomorrows?
– What if tomorrow is simply more of the same drudgery?
– What if your tomorrow is filled with nothing (in your mind)?
– What if tomorrow is success and you aren’t sure how to handle that?

A dread of tomorrow breeds complacency. Without thought, we aim for the couch rather than the treadmill. We scroll social media rather than writing the report. We drink rather than plan.

When your tomorrow is grim, it is so easy to choose to do anything BUT what you should be doing. Perhaps it is time to pick a different future so that your mind, body, and spirit will do what it has always done.

It will prepare for what comes next.

I love you