The Wolves Have Been Introduced


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning, I am so enjoying being a wolf!

I am, of course, referring to “being a wolf” in the context described in Abby Wambach’s book “The Wolfpack”. To highlight the reference, consider this:

In the beginning pages of the book, Abby refers to Yellowstone Park and how the management of the park had chosen to reintroduce wolves into the park.

  • Deer had overrun the place, destroying vegetation, with riverbanks collapsing as a result.
  • Wolves were introduced.
  • Some deer were killed off.
  • The remaining deer adjusted their behaviour, removing themselves from areas where they may be devoured by the wolves.

I repeat, I am a wolf, one of many.

Until very recently, male privileged CEOS and leaders of all types have been overrunning the business world and the country itself, causing devastation of the environment and traditional systems and structures (almost).

But then activists (such as I) were introduced.

Some leaders will fall along the wayside, unwilling or unable to pivot to the reality of a new empowered and diverse workforce and consumer base, one that respectfully includes Indigenous, Black, newcomer, LGBTQ+ and any other marginalized group you can name.

Others will pivot, changing their behaviour to ensure their continued existence. And many wolves (such as I) are available to guide that behaviourial change, as any good wolf would do. Just please, do not mistake our assistance for passivity or patience, for we are neither. After all, we have waited so long already. And if you don’t understand that, you truly are at risk of extinction.

I am a wolf, one of many, and the days when Indigenous entities, communities and individuals put up with misogynistic, paternalistic, white superior attitudes is rapidly disappearing. We are done conforming, adjusting, or fitting into boxes for we, more often than not, sit on top of the resources and the land others desire.

And we are no longer settling.

So, the choice is yours – change your behaviour or become lunch because us wolves are increasing in number, training our packs to negotiate and never settle.

The time has come. The wolves have been introduced. Do you survive?

I love you so I pray you do.