Day 118 – Don’t Be a Bounder


I am awake, I am alive, as this crazy journey called “my life” continues morphing, expanding, and contracting in all the best ways leaving me with one very, important reminder – make room for the new.

A friend shared an ancient Chinese proverb with me last night – how a vase/life has only so much space so to allow for more to be added, something must be removed. The teaching resonated as I remembered a hundred other times in my life that something ended or something/someone was removed which allowed space and time for the new and wonderful to appear.

In retrospect, I can also now see that when new and wonderful didn’t happen it was because I had filled the space with longing or negativity, pain or sadness, refusing to let go for the longest of time, never realizing I had left no space for anything new to arrive.

I smile as I think of my suitcase now, WIDE OPEN to receive all Creator has to send and SEND HE IS!! Today yet another chat with yet another potential new client. No, this work isn’t what I use to do or even what I normally do but it is work I enjoy and work I do well, so bring it!

After all, I have room now.

Food for thought my friend. The river doesn’t hang on to what was. Each drop is too busy flowing, receiving where it is now, open to where it will be tomorrow. It keeps flowing, enjoying everything that Creator has to offer.

Don’t be a boulder. Flow my friend. Make room.