Embarrass You? If I Have To.

I am awake, I am alive and this morning a reality check for those non-Indigenous Canadians who may think me “so nice” – please keep in mind, I work tirelessly for Indigenous Empowerment and Canadian reconciliation, in that order. In other words …

To all Canadians reading these words (ie. not indigenous people) … I WANT to embarrass you.

That is probably shocking to you but here’s why – as a general rule, people do not care to fix a problem (I mean TRULY put in the work and dollars to fix a problem) that doesn’t personally affect you, your home, or your family. That is human nature. You want to help others to a certain extent but once it starts threatening what you have, the help stops.

Which is why remote First Nation communities still do not have fresh clean drinking water. Because to allocate the dollars and manpower to truly fix it would mean (in your minds) cuts to other services (or so the government wants you to believe) so it doesn’t happen.

But … what if I keep posting about how Canada neglects and abuses and oppresses the indigenous people living within your borders? Considering I have an INTERNATIONAL following, that might start to put a chink in the Canadian reputation of friendliness and niceness. What if many other actionists like myself, with international followers, do same?

The truth is Bill C-31, the first attempt to eliminate the discrimination against Indigenous women built right into the Indian Act ONLY CAME ABOUT because Canada was embarrassed on the world stage. When Canadian officials tried to condemn other countries for their human rights violations, they heard in response, “Really? And what about your indigenous women?”

Know I don’t do this to be mean. I do it for one purpose and one purpose only – we are hurting and if you have to hurt to get you to finally help us, not temporarily or with restrictions, but until these problems are fixed, then you will hurt. If I have to embarrass you, if I have to call for the cancellation of Canada Day, if I have to SCREAM FROM THE ROOFTOPS that Canada has nothing to be proud of, I am going to do it until it hurts.

Because then maybe those families in northern communities will finally have fresh water to drink and bathe in, maybe even health care.

A woman can dream … and scream.
Watch me.

I love you.