Day 117 – Packing


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning as I glance around my condo, I can honestly say all I am thinking of is the packing I have to do and how much I really dislike that task …

But as I considered what to pack first and second, what will go with me and what will go elsewhere, I smiled as I realized somethings I no longer carry.

Shame is one of those things. No room in my suitcase, box, home or life for that one. I learn and apologize for mistakes I make but there is no shame, just a human trying to do the best she can.

Guilt is another thing that no longer resides in my world, which brings me to today’s Throwback Thursday video. Too many beautiful men and women I know are squished under the weight of guilt over something done long ago. If you are one of those people, I pray you watch the video because you see, soon I will have to pack but perhaps it is time you UNPACK a thing or two.

Watch and see what I mean and don’t forget …

I love you!

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