Day 116 – The Recipe Still Works


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am smiling as one phrase dances in my mind, “One step at a time”.

It is the recipe for the success, no mattter the goal. Sobriety is found one day at a time. A home is built one brick or board at a time. A business is built one customer at a time and a future is built one step at a time.

As I look at my To Do List for the day, I see the results of today’s effort will move many goals closer to fruition – another video completed brings me one step closer to completion of a course for a southern Ontario client, a chapter edited brings me one step closer to book release, some reading brings me even closer to an expert at running this business and 10k brings me even closer to my health goals.

All I have to do … is take today’s step. They need not be huge. Even baby steps eventually get you across the room but no steps mean no progress and blaming others does nothing. So my friend, what steps will you take today? What are you moving closer to?

Today I implore you, make sure your goal is more than your deathbed. Today realize that if you are still here, there is something left for you to do, say, see or teach. If you are still here you still have time, so take the step my friend … take the step.

After all, today’s steps are the seeds of tomorrow’s garden. Plant some dreams today my friend. Take the steps because today’s actions (or inactions) will move you towards something, whether you consciously choose the destination or not. Please choose, so you can make sure it is someplace you want to go.