I am So Incredibly Grateful for …

I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am just so incredibly grateful … for sleep.

With the heatwave now over, blissful deep restful sleep has returned. I woke smiling as a result, happy to greet my furball roommate as he reminded me it was breakfast time. As I rose, I reviewed the day’s agenda in my mind, anticipating all the amazing things I get to be part of today and it was good. Real good.

Because there is much to do, for all of us. Jobs to do, children to raise, conversations to be had, things to be built and repaired, things and people to be protected, people to be educated … and none of that is possible if we do not take the time to prepare.

So my friend, this is me, reminding you that today is a perfect day to prepare for your tomorrow. We prepare for trips and for the change of the season. Your life, your future, your plans deserve the same preparation. But they also need YOU.

So, today my friend, please cherish that body of yours for it will last only a little while. Nurture it. Move it. Be kind to it but not in a spoiling way. Treat your body as you would a child you adore. Give it what it needs and not just everything it wants.

Do the same for your brain, for your spirit, for your heart. Learn something new. Give thanks for something. Share your feelings with those who have earned the right to hear your story. In other words, prepare because tomorrow is coming.

And I will do same because there is much work to be done before my time is through. I know that to be true, simply because I am still here.

And so are you.

I love you!